Android Apps Development

Android is one of the most popular and successful mobile operating systems in the world. As of August 2013 over 900 million devices are running on Android with 975,000 Android apps. The millions of Android based devices is creating a huge demand for developers well versed with Android application (app) development knowledge.

Android is a wonderful Java based open source application that takes the smart phone experience to dizzying heights. They're very friendly in terms of supporting third party application developments, thereby making it user friendly for the end user. iPhone may have an advantage in terms of numbers in the Apps market, but when it comes to the top ten categories, Android is on par with its peer.

Besides, Android also offers a plethora of connectivity options including WiFi, Bluetooth, and other wireless connection. Here's some clear cut advantage of using this application:

Excellent device support features like GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer etc. Wide range of distribution mechanism- you build it and you sell it using any third party application store. Complete freedom in terms of end user experience- unlike iPhone apps, Android apps can run in the background and also communicate with each other.

We're in the Android apps development market ever since it was introduced in the market and understand market requirement like no other company. Here's how we have an edge over the others:

- Economical - Our experience allows us to work on a wide scale of projects irrespective of the budget, size, and content
- Thoroughly tested - our dedicated team of designers tirelessly test the app to ensure perfect and flawless performance
- Device friendly designing
- Cross browser compatible
- Complete customization